We have prepared a question and answer document about the most common situations for you to get information.

General questions

How long does the approval process take?
Google Adsense indicates an average of 14 days due to the approval process, location of your account, domain age and other factors, but according to our experience, this process can take 2-36 days due to the pandemic.
Is domain extension very important?
Domain extension is usually not very important, so far we have been approved for .site, xyz and other extensions, but TLD domains can always be at the forefront, remember that!
How does the approval process work for zero-day domains?
Domain names are not very valuable in the eyes of Google when newly registered, on average you can expect your domain name to be 24 days old, but in our experience, when zero-day domain names are submitted; 8-12-16-20-24. days, you need some luck here!
Can you fix the policies for my current site?
Unfortunately, because if you are getting a policy warning, your content is not entirely acceptable by Google AdSense bots, we are redesigning your site in the process!
What will happen to my content?
After updating your domain name with the nameserver addresses we will forward to you, your domain name is now transferred to our servers, we prepare the content that can be approved in this process, and your old content will continue to be on your server, you can continue to publish ads with your existing content after getting approval!
Is there any index loss or SEO damage?
Since your site will now be sent for approval with its new content, your old content will not be accessible to Google or visitors, so there may be a loss of index or SEO, but when your site is back online, you can make it more performance than before by creating a little backlink!
If it results constantly negative, is it approved?
It doesn't matter how many times your domain name has been rejected, leave this process to us!
My application resulted positively, what should I do?
Congratulations, you can now update your domain name with the nameserver addresses of your old server and start running ads.
My application has been rejected, what should I do?
If your application has been concluded negatively, you must send the response in your account to our authorities, a new website will be prepared and submitted for approval in this process.
How can I reach you? What are the payment methods?
You can reach us via our live support line, skype, whatsapp or telegram.

We would like to express regret that, because we live within the borders of Turkey, we can not use the Stripe and Paypal credit card payments and other infrastructure. Your payments can only be made with Payoneer and Bitcoin.

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